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GIS & Data Analyst
Greater Toronto Area

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About Me


I was born and raised just outside of Liverpool, United Kingdom. In 2010, I moved to Toronto on a temporary work permit and spent 6 months exploring the city and meeting some great people. Long story short, I wanted to make the switch permanent. It took a few years but I was finally able to move back in July 2013, and in 2016 I obtained my Permanent Residency!

I enrolled in the Applied Digital Geography and GIS Certificate at Ryerson University in Toronto in February 2016 while still working in my previous career as a Sr. Data Analyst in the offshore oil and gas industry. Despite enjoying this role, the 3-week rotation schedule no longer met my current needs. I had the opportunity to switch careers when I was able to land my first GIS-specific job in June 2017, an internship at a media marketing company in Brampton. This led to an opportunity to fulfill the role of GIS Technician at Metrolinx, which led me to my latest position as GIS Technologist at the Regional Municipality of York, where I assist the DAVS team in supporting the Region with all of their data and GIS needs.

I decided to make this website to help showcase my abilities and understanding of GIS and cartography, while demonstrating my experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, and SQL. It provides a platform for peers, colleagues, prospective employers, and potential contractors to learn a little more about who I am including my drive and motivation to learn new things. I regularly update the website with my progress as well as present any new skills that I am learning, which currently includes Python and FME. I am also experimenting in my spare time with creating custom wall maps using various vector tile basemaps which I plan to incoprorate as a side project for my business in the near future.

I have had a keen interest in GIS ever since my first introduction at Liverpool John Moores University but my passion for maps goes back to my childhood when I would often spend countless hours scrutinizing the world atlas and my illuminated globe that I inherited from my older brother.

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Certificate, Applied Digital Geography and GIS

Ryerson University (Toronto, ON. Apr 2016 - Apr 2018)

Bachelor of Science - Geoscience, (Hons)

Liverpool John Moores University (Liverpool, UK. Sep 2006 - Jul 2009)

Professional Experience

GIS Technician, Consultant

Metrolinx (Loughran Mapping Solutions) (Toronto, ON. Feb 2018 - May 2019)

Hired to support the team in designing, building, and testing organization data model, while also helping to enable business users. Other duties include:

  • Creating spatial ETL tools using FME Workbench to convert file formats and extract attribute information
  • Designing and creating web maps, apps, and dashboards
  • Ensuring business users follow procedures & metadata standards
  • Automating complex tasks using ArcPy and Pandas (Python software library); in one example, what previously took an employee 3 days/month to complete now takes less than 1 hour. In another example, following concerns of slow server performance, created a script to find content that was no longer accessible in the online Portal but still hosted on the server.

GIS Analyst, Contract

Targeo, TC Transcontinental (Brampton, ON. Sep 2017 - Jan 2018)

Awarded contract extension following successful completion of summer internship. In addition to internship duties:

  • Maintain spatial database following updates from distributors
  • Create distribution maps on client request
  • Communicate with distributors via phone/email to confirm geographic boundaries of distribution and assist as required

GIS Analyst, Intern

Targeo, TC Transcontinental (Brampton, ON. Jun 2017 - Aug 2017)

Joined the GIS marketing team to assist on project to standardize database and associated spatial data.

  • Daily use of ArcMap, Excel, Access, and Adobe Acrobat
  • Apply geoprocessing tools and toolbar commands including dissolve, create features, explode multi-part features, cut polygons, trace segments, and edit vertices


  • Microsoft Office Suite
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript (including jQuery)
  • SQL
  • FME
  • Python
  • ArcPy
  • ArcMap / ArcGIS Pro / MapInfo / QGIS
  • ArcGIS Online / Portal for ArcGIS
  • Data formats including JSON, XML, KML, and GeoJSON
  • Web Mapping JS API’s including Google, Bing, Leaflet, Esri, and Mapbox


  • Top mark in the class for the following courses of the GIS certificate:
  • Spatial Databases and Digital Cartography - 99.6% (Jul 2016)
  • Web Mapping - 100% (Apr 2017)
  • Advanced Spatial Statistical Methods - 97.6% (Apr 2018)

Community Involvement

  • Co-organizer and group leader of the Toronto GoGeomatics Meetup
  • Esri GIS Ambassador

Other Certifications

  • Esri: Do It Yourself Geo-Apps
  • Esri: Going Places with Spatial Analysis
  • Esri: Earth Imagery at Work
  • Esri: Cartography
  • Driver’s License (Ontario) - Class G
  • Permanent Resident of Canada


My Timeline


Chang School Logo

After the winter 2018 semester, I graduated with a certificate in 'Applied Digital Geography and GIS' from Ryerson University. The certificate consisted of six courses and is designed for professionals currently practising or anticipating careers in digital geography and geographic information systems (GIS).

The first four courses of the certificate were taken online using the distance option available to continuing education students. The courses really helped to build upon the skills that I acquired at LJMU, while also introducing newer concepts and technologies. The final two courses were taken in the classroom.

The table below displays my course choices and results:

Course Letter Grade Grade Point Average
Required Courses
Spatial Databases and Digital Cartography A+ 4.33
Digital Geography and Spatial Analysis A 4.00
Electives: Group A
Digital Geography Applications in Community & Social Services A+ 4.33
Electives: Group B
Customizing GIS Software: Applications Programming A 4.00
Web Mapping A+ 4.33
Advanced Course: First Level
Spatial Statistical Methods A+ 4.33


My Maps

Mapping API's

Google Maps API w/ KML - NFL Directions Tool

NFL Directions Tool

Mapbox API w/ JSON - TTC Subway Times

TTC Subway Times

Leaflet API - My Work Sites

Work Sites

Web Mapping

Esri ArcGIS Online - NFL Teams & Stadiums vs State Population, 2010


Code (SQLite)

Using SQLite, a relational database management system, it is possible to create, read, update, or delete data. The following example code is used to create two tables called 'NFL Teams' and 'NFL Stadiums'. Then using a select statement with a join clause, the two tables can be joined using a common attribute, which in this case is the 'NFL ID'.

This code can be tested at SQLFiddle. Below is a screenshot of the result: